2019 International SERF Index Update Downloads

The 2019 SERF Index

The 2019 SERF Index Update is now an outdated version of the SERF Index. The data files are provided here for the convenience of researchers who may be currently using these older versions of the data. The Core SERF Index covers approximately 80 countries (the exact number depending on the year) and up to 193 countries for the component Right Indices (the exact number depending on the right and the year), and is comparable across the countries and across the 11 years.  The High-Income SERF Index covering all five rights can be calculated for 23 countries in 2015 and 2016.  Because the Right to Food score is only available for 2015 and 2016, we calculate a High-Income SERF Index variant that excludes the Right to Food.  This variant can be calculated for approximately 30 countries (the exact number depending on the year).  The High-Income component Right Indices can be calculated for between 35 and 94 countries depending on the right and year.  Both variants of the High-Income SERF Index are comparable across the countries and years for which each is available. The series for each year uses the most recently available data for each country as of the specified year when computing the index.  However, because the surveys providing many of the indicators are not conducted annually, the data used for each year’s series are not always unique.  For example, in the case of the Core Right to Education Index for Benin, the 2014, 2015, and 2016 series use data on the adjusted net primary school enrollment rate in 2014. Because both the Core SERF Index and High-Income SERF Index are calculated for all countries (low- and middle- income as well as high-income countries) with available data, researchers can evaluate countries with the available data on either standard.  The full data sets including the individual indicator performance scores as well as the Right Indices are incorporated into the downloadable excel files.

CORE Assessment Standard: 2019 Update Data Files

High-Income Assessment Standard:  2019 Update Data Files

2019 Update: Technical Manual