2023 Update International SERF Index Data

The 2023 Update data sets including the individual indicator performance scores as well as the Component Right Indices are incorporated into the downloadable excel files and, and along with the SERF Index Technical Note for the 2023 Update can be accessed below.

Download International SERF Index Technical Note 2023 Update


This year we include several versions of the download files to accommodate different types of users.   For those wanting to view the data for a particular country or year of concern, or do simple excel analyses, the following file is most appropriate to use.

Download 2023 International SERF Index data for advocates


For researchers wanting to do more advanced analysis, we have included two separate files an “xlxs” and a “dta” file.  The first three rows of the .xlxs file provide 3 different variable name options so researchers can delete the ones with variable names that do not meet the length restrictions of the program they are using.  This file also contains a “ReadMe” sheet that provides information on variable naming conventions.  The .dta file is optimized for use with Stata, but does not include the “ReadMe” sheet providing information on variable naming conventions.

Download 2023 International SERF Index data for researchers

Download 2023 International SERF Index data for researchers (.dta file)