SERF Index now part of the Universal Rights Group’s Data Portal

The Universal Rights Group is an independent think tank located in Geneva that is focused on “analyzing and strengthening global human rights policy”. Among other things, “it provides a forum for discussion and debate” on human rights issues that seeks to bridge the gap between  the international human rights system on the one hand and policy-makers and other stakeholders on the other.  The International SERF Index is now included as one of the key indicators in their new “State of the World:  Human Rights and Democracy”  data portal tracking human rights performance across the globe.

2021 Update International SERF Index now Available

The 2021 update of the International SERF Index is now available! This year’s update re-estimated all of the achievement possibility frontiers used to benchmark State obligations using the new round of the International Comparison Project providing per capita income data measured in 2017 PPP$. This year’s update continues to include sex disaggregation of many scores on many right aspects and the excess income metric scores introduced last year. You can find an overview of the 2021 Update HERE and download the 2021 Update data HERE.

Announcing New Partnership

The Economic and Social Rights Empowerment Initiative has joined forces with the Human Rights Measurement Initiative, HRMI.  HRMI has adopted the SERF Index and underlying metrics as its economic and social rights scores for their “income-adjusted” quality of life metrics. HRMI proides extensive data visualization tools showing country performance over time and comparing country performance at a given time.  Explore HRMI’s data HERE.

ESREI Collaborates with the Human Rights Measurement Initiative

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative, HRMI, has adopted the Right Indices comprising the SERF Index as their economic and social rights metrics.  They have just launched data visualization tools that allow you easily to compare a country’s performance on the different rights at a given time and over time, and to compare performance on each right within each geographic region.  You can access these tools at by clicking on the orange button.